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Temporary Site Accommodation: Choosing the Right Unit for Your Project

Temporary Site Accommodation: Choosing the Right Unit for Your Project

Whether it's outdoor events or construction sites, the importance of temporary site accommodation is only increasing. After all, these units hold the power to significantly increase employee productivity and satisfaction levels. 

The ultimate goal is to choose the right type of welfare unit that can make this task easier for your company. Offering excellent welfare facilities that provide rest areas, storage spaces and kitchenettes, these units are the backbone of every outdoor project. 

However, selecting the right type of accommodation requires a strategic approach from your end. The right choice ensures you meet the specific needs of any given site and its workforce. 

At Hireforce Welfare, we excel at offering products that simplify your project requirements. Besides this, we take pride in offering information and valuable insights that can help project managers excel at what they do. 

In this blog, we will understand the key factors to consider when choosing temporary site accommodation so that you can make informed decisions and optimise the efficiency and comfort of your project. 

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How To Choose The Right Temporary Site Accommodation

1. Assess Your Space Requirements

Whether you are looking for an eco-10 welfare unit or a 6-man welfare unit, the first step is to assess your space requirements. This includes taking into account how many staff members will be using the area, what the space will be used for and the duration of the project. 

Selecting temporary site accommodations that offer enough space to rest and work with adequate storage can be a hard task. To optimise comfort and efficiency, consider the layout and assess how the space will be used. Too big a space will be inefficient in terms of cost, but too small a space may be crowded and uncomfortable - striking the right balance is key. 

The versatility of our towable welfare units makes them a popular choice; they can be easily sized to match your project and adjusted as your needs change. 

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2. Consider the Location and Accessibility

For efficient day-to-day operations, considering where you need to place your temporary site accommodation is recommended. As a rule of thumb, your units should be positioned so that employees and supply vehicles can easily access them.  

Ideally, it should be adjacent to the main project area but away from any potential dangers. Also, take into consideration the terrain, as well as the accommodation unit’s foundation requirements. 

For instance, certain units might require extra stabilisation if the terrain is rough and others may need a flat and solid ground for support. Talk to our experts if you are unsure. 

In addition to improving overall site safety and efficiency, accessibility guarantees that emergency services can reach the location if needed, further emphasising the importance of welfare unit placement.

3. Evaluate the Facilities and Amenities

Your temporary site accommodation’s facilities and amenities can have a huge impact on the morale and productivity of your employees. For instance, basic utilities such as electricity, water, heating and/or air conditioning are important, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions. Our 6-man welfare unit is a winner as it fits all your basic needs effortlessly. 

Beyond this, access to clean kitchen and bathroom facilities is equally imperative. In case your project’s duration is for a longer period, improved amenities such as comfortable seating areas, office space and proper sanitation make all the difference in keeping your employees motivated and healthy.

In such cases, our eco 10 welfare unit with an office space is a preferred choice. If you have a bigger team, opt for our 16-person ecosmart welfare unit

4. Analyse the Cost Efficiency

Since temporary site accommodation accounts for a sizable portion of the project's overhead expenditures, careful budgeting is essential. 

To get the best value for money, compare several solutions and suppliers to choose one that best suits your requirements. 

However, while looking for ways to save costs, don't skimp on necessary elements that guarantee comfort and safety. For instance, choosing energy-efficient units typically results in long-term cost benefits. 

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5. Prioritise Safety and Compliance

Verifying that your chosen site welfare units adhere to all applicable building codes and safety requirements is essential. This covers structural integrity, ventilation and fire safety. 

To maintain safety requirements for the project, planned routine maintenance and inspections should be implemented. Setting these priorities can safeguard your staff and reduce the possibility of expensive legal problems and project delays.

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