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Hireforce Welfare provides towable welfare units in different sizes for construction sites and other workplaces. Our eco-friendly units feature built-in generators, energy-efficient lighting and more. Contact us to find out more!

    Towable Welfare Hire

    Hireforce Welfare offers towable 6 to 16 person welfare units to help ensure that your site complies with HSE welfare requirements

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    Why Use Hireforce Welfare?

    Why Use Hireforce Welfare?

    • Embrace the ultimate solution for on-site comfort and convenience with Hireforce Welfare’s extensive range of welfare containers. Our welfare cabins are well-designed to cater to the well-being of your workforce whilst ensuring your site complies with HSE welfare facilities and requirements.

    • With our welfare trailers, you can expect to have access to essential welfare facilities right at the heart of the action. Whether you're overseeing a construction site or providing welfare facilities for an on-site workforce, our welfare units for hire are the epitome of functionality and comfort.

    • At Hireforce Welfare, our welfare trailers are designed meticulously with attention to detail. It is no surprise our clients find our eco-welfare units a testament to innovation and practicality. 

    • Hire our welfare units for a seamless combination of amenities that include seating areas, a WC, a generator, a drying room and a kitchenette, all effectively encompassed within a compact and mobile structure.

    High-Quality Units
    With Hireforce Welfare, experience excellence with our top-tier welfare units. Our commitment to quality shines through in every aspect as we offer only the latest and highest quality units to your site. This ensures we deliver a seamless and comfortable experience.
    Backed by a dedicated team of specialists, Hireforce Welfare stands as a specialist in the welfare division with a keen expertise in towable welfare units. Our exclusive focus on cabins allows us to offer unmatched expertise and tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with your requirements.
    Impeccable Service
    With Hireforce Welfare, expect nothing less than greatness in every service. Every hire is underpinned by the sterling reputation and service standards that define Hireforce. For our team, your satisfaction is the utmost priority. Choose Hireforce Welfare for unparalleled units and services that set new industry benchmarks.
    National Coverage
    It gives us immense pride in knowing that our reach spans across the UK, delivering welfare cabins across central England. Moreover, we collaborate with esteemed regional suppliers throughout the nation, thereby creating a strategic network that guarantees our ability to supply units nationwide

      What To Expect With Hireforce Welfare Units

      What sets our welfare cabins apart is their ability to offer unrestricted mobility. Our regular and eco welfare units can be effortlessly transported and positioned exactly where they're needed most.

      Our welfare unit hire redefines convenience by being easily transportable without the requirement for specialised vehicles. Bid farewell to all your logistical hassles as our welfare cabins can be effortlessly towed to your preferred location, ensuring your team’s utmost comfort wherever you're placed.

      At Hireforce Welfare, our professionals are committed to providing services that cater to your team's well-being. This is evident in the thoughtful design implemented in each of our welfare cabin hires. 

      Every towable welfare unit is a complete package, featuring essential amenities that include a comfortable seating area for breaks, a convenient kitchenette for refreshments and a dedicated drying room to manage wet gear and WC.

      Moreover, our ecosmart welfare unit features a built-in generator allowing the unit to be completely self-sufficient.  Alternatively, the welfare unit can also be plugged into an on-site power source if available. 

      These comprehensive and integrated facilities ensure your workforce has everything they need all within an arm's reach. This, in turn, promotes efficiency and employee morale.

      Want to know about welfare unit hire costs? Speak to our experts today!

      Our team of professionals understand the importance of hassle-free operations. Keeping this in mind, we focus on timely servicing for all our welfare units for hire.

      Our services include regular emptying services with every hire. With our servicing, you can be assured of receiving a clean and hygienic environment for your team throughout your rental.

      At Hireforce Welfare, we prioritise quality and reliability, which is exactly why we exclusively offer Easycabin Ecosmart welfare units. Renowned for their robust construction and innovative features, our Easycabin Ecosmart units guarantee a comfortable and secure environment for you. 

      Moreover, our units are built to withstand the demands of various industries, thereby proving to be a durable solution that keeps your team members comfortable in any condition.

      Want to know about welfare unit hire costs? Speak to our experts today!

      • Typically, the larger variants come equipped with dedicated office spaces that allow seamless integration of administrative tasks into your daily operations. Moreover, our units boast eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting and waste management systems, promoting a greener footprint.

      • Crafted with a focus on safety and durability, these welfare containers cater to your unique needs, irrespective of the duration. It’s time to elevate your on-site experience with our Ecosmart cabins that open the possibilities for innovation and functionality.


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