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Welfare Units

What We Offer

Designed to cater to the comfort and safety needs of your team, Hireforce’s 6 man welfare unit is a mobile self-contained welfare unit that is ideal for any size or type of site. This product stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality. 

Whether you're managing a construction site or organising an outdoor event, your personnel need a secure and comfortable space. This is where our 6-man welfare unit is best, owing to its ease of working and mobility.  

With a simple 30-second setup, our cabins are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. What’s more is that our 6-man welfare unit offers seating, storage room and essential facilities all under one roof.

Moreover, our thoughtfully designed interior includes a canteen area with a table, under-seat storage, hygienic facilities and a kitchenette. These facilities ensure that your team's well-being is prioritised even in challenging environments. 

We take pride in creating cabins that are designed with robust construction, thereby guaranteeing durability and longevity.

At Hireforce Welfare, our 10-man welfare unit hire is available in two varieties- one of them being our 10-person ecosmart welfare unit and the other one being our 10-person Ecosmart welfare unit with office space. 

Both these varieties are proficient in building efficient and comfortable workspaces. Our mobile self-contained welfare units are ideal for any size or type of site. With a no-nonsense 45-second setup, our ecosmart welfare units have hydraulic axles which are ready to use in less than a minute. 

This innovative product redefines the concept of a conducive and employee-friendly workspace. Designed to cater to the needs of a modern office environment, our 10-person welfare unit hire seamlessly combines functionality and comfort. 

In addition to this, our ecosmart welfare unit for 10 people is heated with a separate entrance for a 3-Person office space. Our cabins offer 240v and 12v USB sockets for charging phones and laptops at all times. 

Our ecosmart cabins perfectly encapsulate a powerful and efficient workspace. 

Integrated with ecosmart technology, our welfare unit for 10 people minimises the power usage of your generator to operate in the most efficient possible way. 

Moreover, our cabins rely on innovative hybrid eco-technology and low-maintenance components, thereby creating a powerful economical generator for your use. 

Our 10 man welfare unit hire are loved by our clients, owing to their low weight and stable towing behaviour, making them lighter and stronger at the same time. Contact us today to learn more about our cabins!

With Hireforce Welfare, expect top-quality welfare units that are meticulously designed to meet the needs of your workforce. Our featured product, the 16-man Welfare Unit with an Office is renowned for redefining on-site comfort and functionality.

Our Ecosmart welfare unit for 16 people is equipped with a thoughtfully designed office area to ensure your team can remain productive while being in a comfortable environment. 

Moreover, our welfare unit for 16 people boasts an array of essential facilities including restrooms, kitchen facilities and a seating area, all tailored to promote your well-being and efficiency during long workdays.

At HireForce Welfare, we understand the importance of maintaining a productive and content workforce. That’s why our cabins are compact in size, allowing for easy transportation and deployment. 

Investing in our 16-person welfare unit is a step towards building an unparalleled welfare ecosystem that perfectly combines practicality and comfort to meet the diverse demands of your operations.

Contact Hireforce For Welfare Unit Hire

Contact Hireforce For Welfare Unit Hire

  • At Hireforce Welfare, you can expect impeccable service and high-quality products that are robust in nature. Backed by a dedicated team of specialists, Hireforce Welfare stands as a specialist in the welfare division with a keen expertise in towable welfare units. 

  • Moreover, we take immense pride in knowing that our reach spans across the UK, delivering welfare cabins across central England. If you are looking for optimal on-site comfort and efficiency, your search ends here.

  • With a commitment to quality and expertise, we offer an exhaustive range of well-maintained towable welfare units. For top-tier cabins and unparalleled expertise, contact Hireforce Welfare. Elevate your on-site experience – choose HireForce Welfare today!