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5 Ways Our Welfare Units Withstand Extreme Conditions

5 Ways Our Welfare Units Withstand Extreme Conditions

The foundation for any successful project lies in effective solutions and our mobile welfare units are a well-known solution to simplify your project. 

Offering remarkable resilience against extreme weather conditions, our mobile welfare units are instrumental in successful project completion.  

Our welfare unit van offers safety, stability, and comfort to our customers, whether they are facing scorching heat, enduring bone-chilling colds or fierce storms.

Today, we will discuss five key features that make our Ecosmart units a preferred choice, irrespective of the weather conditions. 

From robust construction materials to advanced technological integrations, discover how these units are designed to protect and provide for employees, no matter where they are deployed. 

At Hireforce Welfare, our Ecosmart Units are a preferred choice for sturdy and durable solutions. Whether it's our 6-person ecosmart welfare unit or 16-person ecosmart welfare unit with office space, we understand your needs and cater to them effortlessly.  

Let’s see how!

Brace The Extreme Weather Conditions With Our Units 

1. Robust Construction and Materials

Our mobile welfare unit’s strength starts right from the building stage where only the strongest materials are used to ensure extreme weather conditions can be handled. 

Durable metals, like aluminium and galvanised steel, offer a robust structure that is impervious to rust and harm from severe weather conditions. 

For roofs and panels, sturdy materials are used to provide strong yet lightweight options that can withstand strong winds, torrential rain and extreme temperature swings. 

When combined, these materials guarantee the durability, structural integrity, and continued performance of our Ecosmart units, protecting your employee’s well-being and preserving operational efficiency in even the most demanding settings.

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2. Effective Insulation Techniques

When it comes to welfare unit vans, effective insulation is essential to keep the interiors comfortable, especially during periods of freezing or high temperatures. 

For instance, many welfare units are equipped with modern insulation methods such as spray foam, which efficiently blocks heat transmission with a high R-value per inch. 

To reduce heat absorption in the summer and heat loss in the winter, reflective coatings and double-glazed windows are also utilised based on your requirements. This also contributes to the energy efficiency of your unit. 

Our Ecosmart welfare units are available with a powerful economical generator that uses innovative hybrid eco-technology and low-maintenance components, again, contributing to its sustainability. 

By increasing the effectiveness of such systems, this insulation guarantees a constant interior environment independent of extreme weather conditions whilst dramatically lowering energy expenses. 

3. Engineered Keeping Stability In Mind

Our mobile welfare units are designed to be a stable choice all year round. Regardless of whether you wish to install these units on rugged terrain or flat surfaces, our units offer a solid foundation that can be adapted based on varying environmental risks.  

To ensure that the units retain their integrity during disruptive weather conditions, the structural design also incorporates sturdy bases that last for a longer period. 

Moreover, thanks to our excellent engineering, our Ecosmart units are lightweight, offering stable towing behaviour

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4. Waterproof and Weatherproof Features

We take great care in designing our welfare units so they can resist the build-up of moisture and the impact of extreme weather conditions. One such way we counteract this is with our water-resistant coatings and well-sealed seams that successfully prevent moisture entry. 

In cases of significant rainfall or flooding, the architectural design facilitates effective water outflow, reducing buildup that may cause structural damage. To further ensure the longevity and safety of the building, materials are chosen based on their resistance to corrosion and mould. 

These characteristics are essential for preserving a pleasant interior, which is vital for employee’s health and productivity in areas that are prone to flooding and extreme weather conditions

5. Optimises Ecosmart Technology 

Our mobile welfare unit offers a small yet fully functioning workspace. With a canteen space, a drying area and an office space that can easily seat 6 to 16 people depending on which variant you choose, our towable trailers are very versatile. 

Moreover, our units have a diesel heating system and energy-efficient LED lighting to provide a warm and well-lit space regardless of the outside weather. 

With a drying area and built-in toilet, it prioritises safety and convenience, making it the ideal option for a variety of on-site and remote work settings.

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