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The Advantages of Welfare Units in Enhancing Small Business Operations

The Advantages of Welfare Units in Enhancing Small Business Operations

Industry trends keep changing yearly, with some making the cut and adopted by businesses, while others are quickly forgotten. When a substantial number of big businesses follow a trend, the smaller ones tend to follow in their footsteps. The dynamic changes in the construction and building sector often give rise to numerous trends, but one that’s here to stay is welfare unit hire.

The underdogs on any construction site, big or small, welfare units don’t get the attention they rightfully deserve. Providing welfare facilities on site is an essential requirement under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Regulations, which can be fulfilled through small welfare unit hires

Recognising these essential workforce welfare regulations, Hireforce has designed a range of welfare units to suit every business’s needs, be it small or large-scale projects. Unlike large-scale businesses and projects, small businesses have limited requirements and compact needs. Our 6-person self-contained and mobile welfare facility is an ideal welfare solution for any type of site. The advantage of compact, modern, and small welfare units is that they serve nearly the same purpose as large ones while keeping the costs for a growing small business to a minimum.

Let’s look at how welfare units benefit small businesses and boost their operations.

Big to Small Welfare Units for Businesses

A construction or building project requires workers to be stationed on the site for long shifts, ensuring the project meets its completion as per the scheduled timeline.

Providing welfare facilities on site becomes essential to ensure safety, well-being, and health, as well as adhering to the legal requirements of the HSE before the project commences. While portaloos are one of the site welfare options, they may not provide a complete and comprehensive solution regarding storage facilities, seating areas with furniture, and appliances. Along with hygiene and sanitation facilities, your workers also need a fully functional setup with all the amenities to make them feel comfortable and safe on-site.

Tapping into the needs of small as well as big businesses, Hireforce offers 6-person to 16-person mobile welfare units for hire. Don’t worry about unnecessary expenses on a large unit when your small business needs can be met with a smaller 6-person unit. Contact us to request a quote if you’ve been searching for ‘welfare units near me’.

3 Key Advantages Welfare Units Provide Small Business Operations

1. Legal Compliance 

Having a fully-equipped small welfare unit on hire for your project means you are compliant with the HSE guidelines. Inspection of non-compliant project sites can result in significant penalties. On paying the penalty, you may resume operations but might not be able to reverse the impact on your growing small business’s reputation.

A legally compliant business develops a good reputation in the industry and can attract productive partnerships that project better future growth.

2. Hygiene and Sanitation

Worker well-being and health should be your project’s foremost priority. The challenging scenarios of civil engineering projects put the workers' health and hygiene to the test. Clean bathrooms, showering facilities, and changing rooms are a must for workers when working in dusty, dirty conditions and around hazardous substances. Having adequate sanitary facilities helps them feel a sense of comfort and dignity in their working environment. 

Whether large or small, welfare units allow workers unhindered access to sanitation facilities. Our 6-person Ecosmart welfare unit has a toilet with a timely emptying service to maintain a clean and hygienic project environment for all. Your workers can focus on meeting project deadlines instead of worrying about poor hygiene and sanitation.

3. Privacy

Small welfare units for hire are self-contained, with a dedicated place for your workforce to rest, recharge, and relax during their shifts. Given the nature of their physically demanding jobs, men and women in your workforce want the convenience of turning to a welfare unit to change into site-protective clothing, dry out wet clothing and store personal items without infringing on anyone’s privacy.

Providing welfare facilities on-site through multiple welfare units ensures that no one’s privacy is breached and the integrity of the working environment is maintained. Such an inclusive working environment makes a lasting impression on the workers, keeps them happy and lowers the attrition rate.

Additionally, when looking for welfare units near me online, consider providing welfare facilities on-site with a larger space to accommodate meetings and important briefings, fostering open communication on-site.

Need a Small Welfare Unit for Hire? Contact Hireforce Welfare Today!

Each element on your site is important, especially choosing the right welfare facilities. If providing welfare facilities on-site is on your mind, let us help you.

Since 2012, as a specialist division under the Hireforce group, Hireforce Welfare has become a sought-after brand in the UK for well-maintained welfare facilities. We facilitate the hiring of large and small welfare units, helping you with your project’s planning and preparation stages. 

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