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Exploring Alternative Uses for Welfare Units on Construction Sites

Exploring Alternative Uses for Welfare Units on Construction Sites

At any given point in time, you’ll find a lot happening on a construction site. From a site manager carrying out various administrative tasks to workers moving construction materials, construction sites are an activity-packed environment. In this buzzing workplace, it’s crucial to factor in the welfare, safety, and security of workers and staff, as well as the expensive equipment and materials on-site.

Having construction site welfare units for your project ensures all the welfare, safety, and security checkboxes are ticked. These facilities ensure the comfort of your workers and staff on site while adhering to the mandatory HSE regulations. With toilets, washing facilities, and resting areas, these units are ideal for meeting site welfare requirements on construction sites. Although primarily built to meet welfare purposes, the site manager, who is responsible for welfare facilities on site, can further tap into the versatility of these units for a host of alternative uses. 

But what are these alternative uses? How can welfare units be temporarily repurposed for other purposes?

At Hireforce Welfare, we know what welfare facilities are required on site and can guide you in choosing the right welfare unit for your building project. We offer a variety of on-site welfare facilities catering to various requirements. 

In this blog, we answer the above questions and guide you in maximising the potential of your site welfare unit by tapping into its alternate uses.

5 Alternative Uses of Construction Site Welfare Units

Welfare units are indispensable in meeting site welfare requirements. However, the versatile nature of welfare units is not restricted to offering toilets, resting rooms, and washing areas. Taking this understanding of what welfare facilities are required on site further, let’s explore the 5 alternative uses of site welfare units on construction sites.

1. Storage Facility For Building Supplies

Workers on building sites routinely operate various tools, materials, machinery, and equipment. These expensive tools and equipment are usually hired for the project and are to be returned after the task or project is completed. Plus, workers need seamless and convenient daily access to these equipment and materials. So, how do you ensure the security of the equipment and facilitate their easy access?

Hireforce’s 16-person Ecosmart Welfare Unit with Office has a storage room large enough to be repurposed to accommodate construction supplies along with worker safety equipment. Contact us with your requirements to receive a quote.

By repurposing construction site welfare units as temporary storage facilities, your staff can quickly access tools and equipment while minimising the risk of damage or theft of these valuable construction supplies. 

2. Makeshift First Aid Station

Construction and building sites are dangerous places of work. Heavy equipment and hazardous materials are handled in a dusty environment, so workers need to tread with caution. Even after wearing the mandated safety equipment and taking the necessary precautions, given the nature of the work, accidents and injuries can still happen. 

In such scenarios, project managers need to facilitate prompt medical response for injuries or medical emergencies. Construction site welfare units can double up as first aid stations offering prompt medical attention. By storing first aid kits and beds, you can ensure basic medical attention is received before further assistance. 

Placing welfare units strategically across the building site ensures quick access and enhances the on-site safety protocols.

3. Meeting Room

Building sites are always bustling with noisy activity that can hamper verbal communication. Given that communication is vital to ensure smooth coordination and the progress of your project, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Travelling off the site for a meeting with contractors, stakeholders, and your project teams may be cumbersome and may result in unnecessary delays.

Adapting your welfare unit into a stand-in meeting room is a convenient solution for all members to gather in one place on the site without having to travel far. A few chairs and tables can complete the meeting environment while your team discusses the project’s progress, plans tasks, and resolves issues. 

4. Training Room

Construction sites see a high influx of workers on and off the job site. With new workers joining the site, you may want to facilitate the prerequisite induction and training sessions. Hireforce’s 10-person Ecosmart Welfare Unit with Office can double up as a dedicated room for your training needs. Request a quote with the required specifications.

Transform our construction site welfare unit into a dedicated training space for new workers to ensure smooth delivery of safety protocols, job roles and responsibilities, and team briefings.

5. Drying Room

The working environment on building sites can be unpredictable. From the heavy dust of demolition sites to the wet conditions of waterproofing activities, workers are exposed to a variety of challenging conditions

Given the taxing nature of these conditions, a drying room becomes essential. Adapting construction site welfare units into rooms with lockers and drying racks helps workers store and dry their wet gear. This way, you can ensure your workers are not exposed to skin issues or catch a cold due to wet conditions.

Looking to Meet Your Project’s Site Welfare Requirements? Contact Hireforce Welfare Today!

Exploring the various alternative uses of site welfare units can make a world of difference to your site welfare requirements. A project head or site manager, who is responsible for welfare facilities on site, can factor in these additional uses of site welfare units before the project begins.

Take a look at Hireforce’s comprehensive range of welfare facilities to cater to all your project’s needs and more. Our 6 to 16-person Ecosmart Welfare Unit range offers all the necessary amenities mandated by the regulations but is also flexible to accommodate additional purposes.

Contact us with your project requirements to receive a quote!